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Iowa Intensity

A Youth Sports Non-Profit Entity

Goal Setting

Players' goals should state goals that they have for themselves in regards to improving some sort of skill that relates to basketball, then in very specific terms list the things that they will do in order to reach that goal. We have provided a few examples from past seasons below, and we ask that players do not include goals that state something like “I will score x number of points per game” or similar type things. We will have a couple of times during the season that coaches will follow-up with players on their goal progress. You can find the goal setting sheet here.

8 goal examples:

  • I will become a more vocal leader of the team and support my teammates. I will accomplish this by:

  1. Lead by example by always working my hardest even if that means beating my teammates in drills and listening to instruction intently;
  2. Encourage teammates in practices and in games when they make a mistake or need to be refocused on the task at hand;
  3. Congratulate or encourage at teammates at least 5 times during practices and games for good plays (shots, passes, defense, etc.).

  • I will improve my free throw shooting by the end of this winter to at least 60%. I will accomplish this by:

  1. I will shoot at least 50 free throws 3 times per week;
  2. I will keep track of the number made and attempted to monitor progress and get to 65% for the month of February while practicing them.

  • I will improve my ball handling skills and passing skills. I will accomplish this by:

  1. Doing dribbling drills 2 times per week for 10 minutes;
  2. Doing passing drills 2 times per week for 5 minutes;
  3. I will track how often I do the drills.

  • I will increase my 3 point shooting ability to 40% when practicing by the end of February. I will accomplish this by:
  1. Attempting at least 500 three pointers per week on my own and making on average 40% by the month of February;
  2. I will keep track of the number made and attempted to monitor progress;
  3. I will shoot them at game speed off of the pass, off of the dribble or spinning the ball to myself.
  • I will become a better leader on and off the court. I will accomplish this by:

  1. Better keeping my cool on the court and playing with confidence at all times, even if I make a mistake or miss some shots by developing a code word to remind myself and tell my coach about it to keep calm and fight through adversity;
  2. I will contact each player on the team at least weekly to see how they are doing on the their individual goals;
  3. Encourage teammates on the court in a positive manner at least 5 times per game.

  • I will become a stronger player by the end of the summer by tracking the number of push-ups and pull-ups that I can do from now until the end of the summer. I will accomplish this by:

  1. Doing 75 push-ups everyday (maybe more as I get stronger);
  2. Doing 10 pull-ups everyday (maybe more as I get stronger). Can do 5 at once in May ’13.
  3. Attend BASIC training at the school.

  • I will improve my dribbling ability to minimize the number of my turnovers to help the team. I will accomplish this by:

  1. Doing dribbling drills for at least 15 minutes three times a week;
  2. I will concentrate on working with both the strong and weak hand when doing the drills;
  3. I will also concentrate on doing the drills with my eyes up.

  • I want to be able to make at least 70% of my lay-up attempts in games. I will accomplish this by:

  1. Shooting 50 lay-ups with each hand off of the dribble twice a week (total of 200).
  2. I will track my results and by February be able to make at least 95% without a defender.